Get Vintage Jewelry Updated or Repaired at Gem Classics

There’s nothing like owning a piece of vintage jewelry. Whether it’s something you inherited, received as a gift or purchased yourself, the designs of yesterday are often just as distinctive and eye-catching as any you’ll find today. But sometimes, after years of wear, an heirloom piece needs a little polish. And your local jeweler is the perfect person to update and repair your vintage fine jewelry.

A Trusted Guide

Your local Addison jewelry store has the insight and experience to carefully inspect and assess your heirloom jewelry and talk through how to keep the piece within your style and discuss the ways you plan on wearing it. A ring may only need to be cleaned and have the prongs tightened. Or perhaps you like the setting but want the center stone upgraded. A gemstone brooch might not be your taste; however, the stones can be re-set into a pendant, ring or earrings. A jeweler can present you with all available options and talk budget, too. Depending on the costs involved in making estate jewelry repair, it may be worth considering a full redesign of the piece.

Professional Service

No matter what kind of updating or estate jewelry repairs you hope to see in your vintage pieces, your Dallas jeweler is the best-qualified person to do the work, usually on-site. An experienced jeweler has the skill to re-cut stones, craft original designs using vintage gemstones and metals and carry out delicate repairs to preserve vintage craftsmanship. A multi-stone piece may need one or more gems replaced; your jeweler can find a comparable stone and replace the lower quality one while maintaining the look and integrity of the original. Or you might want to redesign a single earring as a pendant set in the same recycled metal because it was your great-grandmother’s – the possibilities are endless. For a unified look that incorporates traditional jewelry designs with modern jewelry technology, trends and techniques, trust your local jeweler. 

A Partner in Updating and Repairing Your Vintage Jewelry

The service you receive from your local jeweler is for the express purpose of making you happy. Whether that’s simply refreshing your vintage fine jewelry with a thorough cleaning or working with you and your fiancee to re-design a vintage engagement ring you’ve inherited from a distant aunt, your jeweler will take the time to discuss your jewelry tastes and lifestyle. Any style or remounting suggestions will take into account how you wear your jewelry and the best way to showcase the beauty and timelessness of the piece. And estate jewelry repairs are always made in keeping with the original design and aesthetic of the piece. Professional jewelers have historic knowledge of jewelry design and trends and can help you bring heirloom jewelry into modern wear without losing its vintage cachet. 

Call Gem Classics for the best advice and service in caring for your vintage jewelry. With on-site updates and repairs, these skilled jewelers can restore and refresh much-loved pieces, whether they are new-to-you or handed down through generations. By taking good care of them with the help of your Dallas jewelry store, future generations will be able to enjoy them, too.

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