Updating an Existing Piece of Jewelry

Many of us have pieces in our jewelry box that we either don’t wear or we wear for sentimental reasons even though we’ve fallen out of love with them. Perhaps it’s an ornate ring inherited from a great aunt, a bracelet purchased with the earnings from our first “real” job or even a wedding set that now looks dated decades later. Fortunately, your local DFW jeweler can help update pieces like these while retaining the emotional connection you have with them. 

Update Old Jewelry

In many cases, an old piece of jewelry can be refashioned using the same metals and gemstones to create a new piece that fits your current taste and lifestyle. Your Addison jeweler can appraise the item and offer guidance on the jewelry’s components, including gold, diamonds and gemstones. You’ll be asked what kind of jewelry you usually wear and thenl discuss options for updating the piece. Consider turning a gemstone band ring into earrings or turn a pendant into a ring. The possibilities are nearly endless. 

Adding Diamonds to Your Existing Jewelry

One way to refresh and renew a much loved piece of jewelry is to add diamonds to an existing piece. This is an extra special way to update your engagement ring or wedding bands. Many couples find themselves in a position, after several decades of marriage, to upgrade or improve upon their wedding set, usually in honor of a big anniversary. If you still love your original engagement ring, consider adding a diamond ring enhancer. Or have your engagement ring re-set using the original stone and adding side diamonds. Diamonds can be added to more than rings; consider upgrading pendants, bracelets and earrings, too. Your jeweler can help source diamonds that are a good match in size, sparkle and color for the jewelry you already have.

Earring Jackets for Studs

You might not always want to make permanent changes to an existing piece of jewelry, like diamond, pearl or gemstone stud earrings. With earring jackets, you can have a whole new look without risking the integrity of your original earrings, especially if they are inherited pieces. Earring jackets made in various metals and with gemstones can dress up simple studs for a high fashion or high end look. Shop already-made earring jackets for studs or work with your jeweler for a custom look.

Jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed so if you have pieces that don’t bring you joy because they’re not your style or outdated, it’s time to update them. Talk to your jeweler to see how you can create new pieces from inherited jewelry. Your best Dallas jeweler can also help update your engagement ring and wedding bands or offer an array of earring jackets to adorn any pair of studs. When you update old jewelry, you get the benefit of having a new piece you can wear proudly while still holding onto the beautiful memories the jewelry gives you. Call Gem Classics today to see how you can update your favorite pieces into something new and exciting to wear.

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