Engagement Ring Trends You’ll See in 2020

Diamond engagement rings trends may move slowly in some cases, such as the high demand for rose gold rings over the past few years that now seem to be tapering off. But other design trends are so innovative, they’re truly something exciting in bridal jewelry, like hidden halo rings. Among the hottest engagement ring trends for 2020 are a combination of traditional designs and many opportunities to craft a custom ring with your Frisco jeweler’s assistance that’s unique to you. 

Ring Trends in 2020

Among diamond engagement ring trends, these are the most popular new looks. Some have a nod to classic designs while others take personalization to the next level. 

  • Fancy Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring with a diamond shape other than round is one-way brides ensure their ring is an expression of their own sense of style while still having a definitive bridal look. While many people think of emerald cuts, it’s fun to explore less-common choices like marquis, cushion, princess, pear or marquise cuts; this year, among fancy diamonds, oval cuts are on-trend.

  • Hidden Halo Engagement Rings 

If a ring of small diamonds around your center stone feels too flashy, consider a hidden halo engagement ring. The ring of diamonds hugs the prongs under the center stone so that extra glitter is something only you will usually see.

  • Two Stone Engagement Rings

The two stone engagement ring is a wonderful opportunity to be creative in expressing your love. You can use two diamonds of the same cut or two different cuts. Consider having your ring made with a diamond and your fiance’s birthstone, or both of your birthstones. 

  • Three Stone Engagement Rings

While three stone diamond rings have been around for a while, they have often been used as anniversary rings honoring a couple’s past, present and future. As an engagement ring, they can retain that same sentiment while also symbolizing how two become one.

  • Vintage Engagement Rings

For couples seeking a sustainable approach to their life together or prefer the design and craftsmanship of days gone by, vintage engagement rings offer a wonderful chance to repurpose an existing ring. Your Dallas jeweler can help update the look of your family engagement ring with a thorough cleaning and re-mounting of the stone for a new look or help you source an estate stone for your own creation.

  • Stackable Engagement Ring

The freedom a stackable engagement ring offers can’t be understated. By itself, it’s a simple yet luxurious look that transcends time. And when you add bands to mark important life events, such as your wedding band and birthstone bands for children when they come, it’s transformed into a highly personalized reflection of your life together as a couple.

Visit Gem Classics for the bridal jewelry that showcases the hottest engagement ring trends. Your skilled Plano jeweler has a long history of handcrafting the newest designs and custom looks that personalize the most popular styles. When you’re shopping for an engagement ring with diamonds, trust Gem Classics to have an array of on-trend rings and custom designs to declare your love.

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