Reinventing Your Engagement Ring Through Remounting

Say “I do” all over again with a remounted engagement ring. Many women love their diamond engagement ring but sometimes, perhaps after many years of marriage, the ring needs an update. Remounting is the perfect solution. You get to keep the stone that’s sentimental to you while enjoying it in a brand new look. 

Why Remount Your Engagement Ring

Remounting is a great solution for women who need to repair their original setting, create a new look that incorporates an heirloom jewel, or simply refresh the look as your tastes have changed since your wedding.

Wearing an engagement ring every day subjects it to small scrapes and dings that can accumulate over the years. While bringing your ring to your local jeweler regularly for inspection can do a lot to keep the mounting intact and the stone in place, the ring itself can start to look shabby and worn out. In some cases, prongs may need to be replaced. 

You may have come into possession of another diamond or gemstone, often through inheritance after your wedding day. Since most women don’t wear two engagement rings, that heirloom sits in a jewelry box. Enjoy the gem as it was meant to be, worn for everyone to see. Remount your diamond engagement ring in a new design that incorporates the vintage gem. Your Plano jeweler can work with you to create a ring design that showcases the beauty of both stones.

What’s more, tastes and styles do change over the years. For example, in the late 90s, trillions were popular accent stones and then fell out of favor for a while but now they have recently resurfaced in popular ring designs. Perhaps your engagement ring was at the peak of design trends when you got engaged but looks a little dated now. Or perhaps your ring was very simple at the time and now you’d like something a little fancier. Upgrade your mounting; it’s a lovely way to update the look while still retaining the original gemstone and promise you made all those years ago.

Tips for Remounting Your Engagement Ring

For best results with remounting, there are several factors that need to be taken into account. The first is cost. If you have a budget in mind for your remount, be sure to communicate this to your jeweler. This will help guide design choices, including metals and accent stones. In addition, the complexity of the original setting must be considered. For example, it’s a lot tougher to remount your diamond from a bezel setting than it is from a traditional 6-prong setting. And finally, the condition of the diamond itself matters. When considering a remount, your jeweler will inspect the gemstone carefully for chips, cracks or other signs that the stone may need to be replaced. 

Remounting your engagement ring is sometimes a necessity if your original ring is looking worn out, damaged, or out of style; however, it can also be a wonderful way to honor a loved one by redesigning a ring that includes your own stone and a family heirloom gem. In remounting your ring, it’s helpful to have an idea of what kind of designs you like if you plan on changing the design completely. Look up ‘jeweler near me’ to see which local Frisco jewelry stores can show you various setting styles for the clearest look at what your options are. 

Gem Classics can help you remount your engagement ring into a new style that fits your taste and budget.

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