Jewelry Repair at Family Owned Jeweler, Gem Classics

As important as it is to have a local jeweler you can trust for quality jewelry, it’s also wise to have a local jeweler qualified to handle any jewelry repair you might need. No matter how carefully you wear your fine jewelry, regular cleaning and inspection of your pieces at a reputable local jeweler will help identify any repairs needed before there’s a problem. Even occasional wear of your most luxurious pieces can eventually warrant the need to have gemstones cleaned and the settings tightened. 

Restore Your Rings

Maybe you look longingly at those rings in your jewelry box that you don’t wear anymore. Or perhaps the rings you wear every day are starting to show it: prongs may be out of alignment, a stone can be cracked and metal ring bands can sustain scratches and gouges. Your Plano jeweler can help. With simple ring sizing, most rings can be easily resized to fit again. Restore damaged rings by prong tightening and retipping, or ring shank replacement combined with stone tightening, for a like-new setting. And stone replacement is a quick and easy way to refresh a dated jewelry design or upgrade the gemstone to something more to your liking. As a final step, have your metal ring bands polished to lightly buff away surface scratching for a like-new appearance.

Fix Necklaces and Bracelets

As the workhorse of many jewelry wardrobes, necklaces and bracelets often see serious wear and tear. Links may break or tangle hopelessly, a clasp can get stuck, or years of dust and dirt can dim the shine of old favorites. At your Dallas jeweler, skilled hands can make custom chain repairs and clasp replacements. Chain shortening or lengthening as needed can also update or upgrade your pieces. Bracelets, in particular, feel most comfortable when they fit properly. From family heirlooms to last year’s birthday gift, simple gold bracelets to gem-studded statement necklaces, your family-owned jeweler gives each piece of fine jewelry the same care and attention. Using traditional and modern equipment and tools, your jeweler can fashion replacement links, upgrade clasps, polish away the years from your gold and silver necklaces and more.

Jewelry Service and Repairs

Fine jewelry, whether it’s worn every day or only occasionally, should be inspected regularly at a jeweler near you. Beyond rings, necklaces and bracelets, the best jeweler can also repair earrings, pendants, brooches, cufflinks and other important pieces. From soldering to pearl re-stringing, a reliable Frisco jewelry store will work with you to identify needed repairs and find the best way to service and repair your jewelry. Taking care of jewelry repairs promptly is always recommended, especially when there’s a chance that small pieces can go missing at home. The sooner broken jewelry is handed off to a jeweler, the more effective the repair can be. 

Trust Gem Classics, your local, family-owned jeweler for all of your jewelry needs, no matter where you made your purchase. Our on-site jewelry repair service includes jewelry cleaning and polishing for a good-as-new look and feel. Call Gem Classics today to book an appointment for jewelry repair work near you.

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