Gem Classics Has the Perfect Wedding Band to Match Your Style

Whether you’re shopping for a diamond or custom wedding band, Gem Classics, your jeweler in Dallas has the perfect ring for you. Learn more about the kinds of wedding rings available, from the most traditional matching gold bands to the hottest designer rings. Just like picking the right partner, it’s important to pick the right piece of wedding jewelry.

Rings for Brides and Grooms

Some brides and grooms enjoy identically matching wedding bands as a symbol of their unity, while others prefer bands that reflect each partner’s personal taste. A woman’s wedding band can match her engagement ring, complement it or contrast with it. A groom’s band can complement the bride’s or be a design that’s totally different than hers and yet very much in keeping with his style.

Wedding bands for men and women are available in several types of metal. Platinum is a popular choice because it doesn’t cause skin irritation as some alloys do. White gold is often rhodium-plated, which may need to be re-done after several years of daily wear. Yellow gold is a traditional choice enjoyed by couples for generations, and rose gold is very much on-trend for a modern look. Palladium looks like platinum and white gold but can be more affordable than both.

Newer choices in bands, especially for men, include cobalt and tungsten, both of which are known for their durability and resistance to the scratches and dents that can come from ordinary daily wear. Couples can buy single-metal or mixed-metal bands for a custom look at jewelry stores in Plano.

A Look You’ll Love

Wedding bands reflect a wide variety of styles, and even simple bands aren’t necessarily plain. For example, some bands may have milgrain edging. Diamond bands can be prong, channel, pave, and may be mounted in eternity or anniversary styles. Brides and grooms should consider how much wear and tear they put their rings through when looking at wedding bands A gemstone or diamond band often requires equally high-end metals to hold stones safely.

Bands can have a high polish, matte, hammered or detailed finish. Many couples have a loving sentiment engraved on the inside or the outside of the band to make them even more meaningful.

Feel Good Wearing It

Perhaps the most important criteria for finding the perfect wedding band is fit. Rings come in a variety of widths. Those with curved edges, often described as a comfort fit, are popular. Right-angle edges are also available and some like the distinctive look. Try several combinations of fit and width to see what feels comfortable. For example, a straight edge ring may feel better in a smaller width. Fit includes the height (depth) of the ring on your finger, which can be really important if you work with your hands.

Finding the perfect wedding band may seem daunting but with the selection available at your Frisco jeweler, there’s a match as perfect as the bride and groom. Whether you’re shopping for diamond wedding bands or custom wedding bands, you’ll find them at Gem Classics.

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