Topaz & Citrine: The November Birthstones

November’s birthstones, topaz and citrine, are stunning reminders of the natural beauty we enjoy on fall days. While topaz comes in many different colors, tradition dictates the warm golden colored stones are reserved for November. Citrine — a newer choice to mark November dates — comes in a wealth of shades from sunny yellow to soft brown, with hints of orange and red that gives definition and sparkle to the gem. 

Topaz and Citrine: Loved for Many Years

Both topaz and citrine have long been appreciated across Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. During the Renaissance era, it was believed topaz had magical powers; and some religious faiths treated topaz as a stone with great value in conferring healing or a long life. Citrine was thought to be a powerful gemstone as far back as Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman times. Part of the appeal of both topaz and citrine jewelry is how durable the stones are, making them good choices for everyday jewelry like bracelets, rings, pendants and earrings. The warm colors of topaz and citrine complement both yellow gold and rose gold settings, and provide a lovely contrast to white gold and sterling silver, as Gem Classics, your best DFW jeweler can show you. 

Choose the Perfect Stone

The traditional 4Cs of diamond buying can also be applied to the November birthstones. Cut, color, clarity and carat can be used to describe topaz and citrine stones. A key distinction is the price of a citrine or topaz birthstone doesn’t increase with the same pace that diamonds do as cut, color, clarity or carat measurements move up the scale. Topaz stones may sometimes undergo an irradiation process to help develop the color; citrine may also sometimes be treated with heat to enhance its natural beauty. At Gem Classics, the best jeweler in Addison, you can view several loose and mounted topaz and citrine stones to see how the 4Cs factor into the final look of a piece of jewelry.

Ways to Wear Your November Birthstone

Topaz and citrine are versatile stones used in statement pieces as well as more understated looks for everyday wear. Consider topaz jewelry in popular styles like solitaire rings or stud earrings. A citrine pendant is a lovely way to mark the occasion of a milestone birthday; or consider a citrine tennis bracelet for a glamorous special occasion look. Topaz and citrine make wonderful choices for mother’s jewelry pieces, too. Because of the wonderful natural variations in color, your top-rated jeweler in Dallas, TX, Gem Classics, can help you find the perfect gems to complement other birthstones in a ring or pendant setting. 

Whether you choose topaz or citrine for your November birthstone jewelry purchase, you’ll get a gemstone that sparkles. Contact Gem Classics to see an array of topaz jewelry and citrine jewelry perfect for any occasion or everyday wear in yellow gold, rose gold or white gold. As a durable gemstone that’s been loved for many generations, topaz and citrine continue to provide buyers with sentimental reminders of special days.

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