5 Push Gift Jewelry Ideas

What better way to celebrate the birth of a child and honor your partner than with a push gift from Gem Classics? More than a status symbol, a push gift is an intimate expression of affection for the woman who carried and birthed your child. She’ll feel beautiful and treasured, especially at a time when she may not be feeling like she looks her best, post-partum. Diamonds are the traditional push present stone; however, birthstone jewelry is a sentimental and popular alternative. Gem Classics carries a large selection of push jewelry gifts; here are five ideas to consider.

Diamond Eternity Band

One of today’s most popular push presents, the eternity band, is an ideal choice. The circle unbroken is the highest representation of love between a couple, and between parent and child. For women with a plain wedding band, this is a lovely addition to be worn on the left hand as an addition to a simple wedding set. This gift also offers many choices for custom-made jewelry, from the cut of the diamonds to the carat weight and setting.

Diamond Solitaire Necklace

This push gift reflects the on-trend minimalism of contemporary jewelry designs. A single sparkling diamond is an unforgettable way to mark the birth of a first child or the last child where this might be the first push present. Regardless of the new mother’s taste in jewelry, there’s a diamond solitaire to fit her style. Choose from round, pear, trillion, and more, available in a range of sizes and carats from Gem Classics. She’ll wear this symbol of your love for her, and her love for the child you share, close to her heart.

Diamond Stud Earrings

This jewelry box staple might be the original push gift. After all, they’re perfect for pulling from a pocket and presenting in the delivery room. Diamond stud earrings are versatile, and their understated elegance is perfect for everyday wear. Available from Gem Classics, your diamond store in Dallas, in a stunning array of diamond cuts, settings, sizes, and carat weights, there’s a pair for every style and budget, and it’s a gift that always fits.

3-Stone Diamond Ring

A multi-stone diamond ring is a wonderful way to recognize the sacrifices she’s made to grow your family, where the gemstones symbolize your past as a couple, your present as parents, and your future as a family. The 3-stone ring is also a wonderful gift to her upon the delivery of your third child or the child that completes your family. Whenever she catches sight of the diamonds’ radiant glow, she’ll remember the strength of your bond in building a family.

Birthstone Jewelry

Give a push present imbued with maternal sentiment and choose a piece of custom-made birthstone jewelry by Gem Classics. Rings, necklaces, earrings, and even bracelets are lovely expressions of love and devotion between mother and child, where the gemstone reflects the birth month of the baby. It’s a wonderful way to uniquely recognize the birth of each child, with a charm bracelet, stackable rings or a custom design of your own.

What better way to honor the relationship you share with your partner and celebrate her life-changing role as a mother than with a push gift? Your reputable family diamond store in Dallas, Gem Classics, can advise you on the diamond and gemstone selections with the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight to best reflect your feelings.

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