Best Diamond Stud Settings and Earring Backs For Your Earrings

Whether it’s time to make the investment in a pair of diamond earrings for yourself or have a family heirloom pair reset for an updated look, knowing what kind of style and earring back best suits you will ensure you enjoy your purchase for years to come. Whether you live in Frisco, Plano or Dallas; Gem Classics in Addison is the best way to see all your options. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Modern Diamond Earring Styles

Diamond studs are still the standard diamond earring style; however, today’s modern settings better showcase the stone while still being comfortable to wear. Among the most common are the basket, crown, and bezel settings, but the martini or cocktail setting has the strongest popularity. These can be mixed and matched with earring backs and metal choices to create a custom pair of diamond earrings you’ll want to wear every day. Most diamond earrings are made with white gold, yellow gold or platinum, depending on whether the diamonds have any color. Platinum is the strongest of the three, while yellow gold is popular if the diamonds themselves have a bit of a golden hue because there’s less obvious contrast.

Best Diamond Stud Settings

Martini settings are called that because if you look at the prongs and the stem of the earring, the shape is the same as a martini glass. This style is well-loved because they are less likely to droop in the ear piercing and the diamonds have better visibility. The basket style is popular for similar reasons; it looks a lot like the martini style but with a flatter base that some find more comfortable.

The bezel style is highly secure because a layer of metal is wrapped around the stone but for that same reason, there’s limited sparkle. The crown setting offers a balance of exposure of the diamond with a sturdy prong setting; however, many women say this design has a tendency to droop in their piercings because the earring is weighted away from their ear. 

The Best Earring Backs

There are several kinds of earring backs to choose from based on security and comfort. The traditional push back or butterfly back has a flat plate with metal loops that hold the earring post in place. It’s generally comfortable and easy to use but not the most secure. A screw back can be twisted into a threaded post; it’s more secure than a push back but more time-consuming to apply. La Poussette backs are a kind of flat clip that slides onto the post and holds it; You will find the best selection of earrings in Dallas at Gem Classics. 

With today’s styles in diamond earring settings and backs, it’s easy to find your perfect pair. And if you have a family heirloom pair, think about having them re-mounted and updated. It’s an affordable way for them to continue being worn and loved by a new generation. Visit Gem Classics to see the best diamond earring settings and earring backs in person or bring your heirloom earrings to see how’d they’d look re-set in a contemporary design. When you’re looking for the best diamond studs in Dallas, visit Gem Classics.

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