Reasons for Taking Your Ring Off and Why

For most brides, it’s hard to imagine a time when you’d ever want to take off your engagement ring. And while that’s a wonderful feeling to have, realizing that there will be some occasions when it’s wise to remove your bling to keep your ring looking as fresh and sparkling as the love it represents. 

Reasons to Take Off Your Ring

Wearing your engagement ring daily typically causes no extraordinary threat to your jewelry. Most occupations and regular errands aren’t too hard on your hands, and the chances of damage, while not impossible, are minimal. However, there are a few situations where taking off your ring is the smart thing to do:

  • Working out or playing sports

Wearing your ring at the gym exposes it to the possible collision with hard surfaces like weights or the floor. A forceful impact can damage the stone or the prongs of the setting. You could also get the ring caught on your clothing or inadvertently scratch yourself or someone else. 

  • Cooking or baking

Handling raw meat, cutting vegetables or mixing dough by hand can leave bits of food stuck in the prongs of the ring. Grease and oils can also leave the stone of your engagement ring with a film that dulls the sparkle.

  • Washing Dishes

Even though wearing your ring while doing dishes might seem to make sense – after all, warm, soapy water is often recommended for gently cleaning fine jewelry – you risk losing your ring down the drain if it slips off your finger. Your ring can also get nicked or dinged when you handle heavy pots and pans, leaving you with loose prongs

  • Applying Beauty Products

This is one of those reasons to take off your ring that many women don’t think of, but using hair spray, lotions, nail polish remover, facial scrubs and similar health and beauty products can harm your engagement ring. Oils leave stones looking dull, while strong chemicals can damage the soft metals and abrasive cleansers can scratch stones and settings.

What Should You Do if Your Ring is Bent?

If the worst should happen and you realize the prongs of your ring are damaged, don’t panic. Visit your local Plano jewelry store promptly. Your jeweler can inspect and repair your ring by tightening the prongs. It’s important to have your ring checked by your jeweler as soon as you think the ring might be bent. Continuing to wear the ring puts you at risk of losing the stone. If you’ve forgotten to remove your ring before swimming in a pool or the ocean, doing yardwork or handling tools, stop by and ask your jeweler to take a look and see whether you need jewelry repair.

Check for Loose Prongs in Your Ring

Sometimes, things like sleeping while wearing your ring or ordinary tasks like housework can unexpectedly damage your ring without you realizing it. Carefully examine your ring by inspecting it for damaged stones or loose prongs. Run your finger across the top of the stone to see if it moves. Then, using just your fingertip, gently strike the stone and the setting. If you hear any noises or notice the stone move at all, take your ring to a local jeweler for jewelry repair.

Visit Gem Classics to have your engagement ring inspected and repaired. Skilled family jewelers can make repairs on site, whether you need prongs tightened or stones replaced. As your Dallas jeweler, Gem Classics is prepared to serve all of your engagement ring check-up and jewelry repair needs.

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