New Years Jewelry Resolutions

A new year is a great time to take stock of your jewelry box. Not only does this provide you with a good idea of the pieces you have in your jewelry wardrobe, it also allows you to see where your needs and wants are for the year and develop good jewelry cleaning and maintenance habits. 

Have a Jewelry Check-Up

Look through your jewelry box carefully. Look at pieces you haven’t worn recently with a critical eye. Maybe your tastes have changed so consider re-setting your unworn pieces or gifting them to a daughter, sister or friend who would wear them. Set aside pieces that might need replacement, like a watch band, a clasp or earring backs. Ensure you have the space to store your jewelry properly. Avoid storing pieces where metals and gemstones can scratch each other.

Clean Your Jewelry Regularly 

If you don’t already do this, it’s a great tradition to start off the new year with. While all of your fine jewelry pieces should be professionally cleaned by a Dallas jeweler on an annual basis, the pieces you wear every day need more regular care. Avoid harsh cleaners and aggressive brushing when cleaning jewelry. In many cases, a monthly soak in a simple solution of gentle dish soap and warm water can release a lot of dirt and grime. Take extra care of specialty pieces like pearls and gemstone jewelry and if you have any doubt, consult with your local jeweler. 

Make Needed Repairs

Make the time to have jewelry in need of repair fixed. There’s no time like now to find a good jewelry repair service. These things are easy to put off but the sooner you get them fixed the quicker you can get back to wearing your favorite pieces. Your local jewelry repair service at Gem Classics can make fixes on-site and work closely with you in making custom repairs to your specifications. From shortening or lengthening chains, resizing rings or re-stringing pearls, your local Plano jeweler can give new life to your treasured fine jewelry.

Choose a New Piece of Jewelry

Build your jewelry wardrobe with careful planning. Buying one new fine jewelry piece every year allows you to invest in something of high quality that you really want. Look for timeless pieces that won’t go out of style and you’ll want to continue wearing for many years to come. Look for stud earrings, gemstone tennis bracelets, birthstone jewelry, watches and pearls.

Embrace a Jewelry Trend

While of course there is something to be said for the classics, keep your look fresh by trying out a new look. Some of the 2020 jewelry trends you can expect to see are layered necklaces and bracelets, stacked rings, personalized pieces and mixed metals. Browse your local jewelry store in Addison to see what’s popular. Choose one new piece or style – say, a drop earring if you always wear studs or a gold necklace if you always wear silver. Start small if you’re unsure about jewelry trends. If you like the layered look, experiment with layering bracelets or perhaps just two necklaces. 

Call Gem Classics, a local, family-owned jeweler near you, for fine jewelry shopping from classics to on-trend looks. As a full-service jeweler, Gem Classics also offers jewelry inspection, cleaning and repair services. Let Gem Classics help you make 2020 your most dazzling year yet.

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