Planning in Advance for Jewelry Purchases

Deciding to buy a big piece of jewelry can feel intimidating, especially because of the significant cost. But making careful plans in advance to purchase your jewelry can deliver both peace of mind and the looks you love without breaking the bank. Whether you’re planning on surprising someone with an engagement ring or looking to take the plunge on a strand of real pearls, a luxury watch, or birthstone earrings, planning to buy jewelry is as important as deciding what to buy

Layaway for Fine Jewelry

Gem Classics offers traditional layaway plans. With layaway, you pick out the jewelry you want and make a deposit, which begins at 25% of the cost of the item. You then make regular payments of 25% on the jewelry monthly — on an agreed-upon time frame. Once you’ve made your last payment, the jewelry is yours to take home. Jewelry layaway is convenient and lets you plan a payment schedule precisely. We will work with you to ensure the repayment period and payments are a good fit for your budget. One of the biggest benefits of jewelry layaway is that the price of the jewelry is all you have to worry about — no interest! 

Credit Cards

Purchasing a big-ticket piece of fine jewelry, like buying an engagement ring, with a credit card can provide you with a flexible financing plan. Knowing you already have an open credit line for use whenever you want can give you the confidence to decide on a jewelry purchase when the time is right, instead of missing that opportunity to scoop up the perfect piece. 

Minimum payments can be relatively small and easily manageable; you also have the freedom to extend your payments for virtually as long as necessary. Many credit card issuers these days offer their cardholders perks like airline miles, so there’s an added benefit to you as a consumer when making a large purchase. What’s more, many credit card providers offer the ease and convenience of online platforms and apps for more immediate access to your account. Enjoy the ability to check your balance and make payments toward your jewelry from anywhere. 

Store Financing Options

Financing fine jewelry through your local jeweler offers some special benefits. Gem Classics offers financing directly to you with Synchrony Financial. Consumers may enjoy perks like a preferred interest rate or deferred payments for an extended period of time, putting your dream jewelry within reach. And unlike layaway, a store financing account can remain open even after your initial jewelry purchase is paid in full, providing you with ongoing and dedicated purchasing power at Gem Classics for use exactly when you want it. And as a customer who’s already established a store financing account, you may get future special credit offers, too, that make additional fine jewelry purchases more attractive.

When you’re planning to buy jewelry, visit Gem Classics for engagement rings and fine jewelry. With a wide selection of gems, rings, bracelets, watches, and earrings for any style and budget, it’s the place to go if you’re planning a meaningful jewelry purchase.

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