Every Woman Should Own These 5 Pieces of Jewelry

While some women avidly build their jewelry wardrobe, others are less inclined to have a wide collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and watches. But women on both sides of the spectrum can appreciate that there are some core pieces that belong in everyone’s jewelry box. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a thoughtful gift for someone special, consider choosing one of these must-have jewelry pieces at Gem Classics. Investing in these jewelry box standards means always having the accessories that make you look and feel your best, no matter the occasion.

Diamond Studs

These are the epitome of timeless jewelry.  Diamond studs let the sparkle speak for itself, subtly elevating your look no matter what you’re wearing. From running errands to attending a local youth sports fundraiser or swanky company party, you’ll always feel polished wearing them. And don’t be misled into thinking they’re all the same–with the variety of settings your Plano jeweler can show you, it’s easy to select diamond studs that suit your personal style.

A Stylish Watch

Among the items every woman should own is a stylish watch. Nearly every woman has that workhorse watch that’s worn every day. However, when you wear it with an interview suit or party dress, the effect can be jarring; it just doesn’t fit. That’s why a stylish watch is so important. It complements your overall appearance when you’re dressed up. Stylish watches are available at your Dallas jewelry store, Gem Classics, in multiple finishes and even mixed metals, with watch faces of shiny, matte or brushed metal, mother of pearl or other upscale materials. Choose a stylish watch with diamonds or gemstones for the ultimate luxury timepiece.

Stackable Rings

What looks so nice on your left hand can look just as good on your right. Build your custom stack with metal bands and gemstone rings. Stackable rings are a great way to express your personal style. Consider a family stack, adding a ring that represents each child, or think about mixing your grandmothers’ heirloom bands with a birthstone band of your own. The possibilities are endless.

The Go-With-Everything Necklace

Like diamond studs, a go-with-everything necklace is a piece that’s going to make you feel good every time you wear it, and it’ll be a little different for each woman. Popular choices include a single diamond, pearl or gemstone suspended on a gold chain, a small pendant that reflects something meaningful to you, or even a strand of pearls. Gem Classics has an array of necklaces to choose from in selecting your ideal go-with-everything necklace.

A Statement Piece

When you’re ready to make an entrance, your jewelry should be up to the job. That’s where the statement piece comes in. Statement pieces typically call attention to themselves in the best way. They help your look pop, often because of their size or sparkle. Many women choose a statement necklace, but you could also select a ring or bracelet at your Dallas jeweler, Gem Classics. 

When shopping for timeless jewelry, turn to experienced jewelers who can use their knowledge and expertise to help you find ideal pieces that fit your style and budget. Build your jewelry wardrobe with these staples and more at Gem Classics for the best women’s jewelry selection in Dallas.

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