All the Tools You Need to Buy the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring, a symbol of your love and commitment, isn’t a decision to make lightly. That’s why visiting Gem Classics makes sense before buying any diamond engagement ring. Get the education in diamonds that you need to help choose the right engagement ring, one that she’ll be proud to wear every day.

Understanding Your Choices

Gone are the days where the toughest choice you had in a diamond engagement ring was the size of the stone or whether you wanted yellow gold or white gold. Today’s couples have a dizzying array of choices in engagement rings to choose from, so having a little education on the topic and a basic understanding of what’s available to you can help you work with a jeweler to find the right ring.

Picking the Right Ring

Knowing a little about ring and stone styles will help you talk to a jeweler about what you like. Rings can vary in style from classic to modern, art deco, minimalist, and more. Some women prefer the traditional solitaire ring, while others like halo style or rings with side stones. Modern brides may also choose a gemstone engagement ring instead of a diamond. Rings can also be made in white, yellow, or rose gold, platinum, or palladium metal. Popular settings for stones, both center and side, include prong, pave, channel, and bezel.

Common diamond engagement ring shapes include round, oval, pear, marquis, square, rectangle, and heart, and nearly any one of them can be found in more than one cut. For example, a bride who likes square stones may like the princess-cut or the asscher-cut, while rectangle shaped diamonds can be emerald- or asscher-cut. Unless the proposal is to be a complete surprise, it can be helpful to talk about preferences as a couple, both for style and cost.

How Gem Classics Can Help

Gem Classics has a selection of loose gemstones and settings to show you. They can show you examples of how different pairings look together and talk about how minor adjustments in one factor (like cut, carat, or clarity) can influence the overall look or cost of the ring. For example, a diamond that’s 0.9 carats might look nearly identical to a 1-carat diamond, but provide significant cost savings. With a jeweler’s help, you can examine your own diamond selections under a microscope or loupe to feel confident in the quality of the ring you are buying. Gem Classics will also provide a limited warranty on your purchase, and can give you the GIA or AGS report on the diamond so that you can have the ring insured.

Visit Gem Classics and feel confident in choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring. Our jewelers have an extensive diamond education and are well-qualified to help couples select a ring based on the style that suits them best. We’ll walk you through stones, metals, and settings to ensure you feel comfortable making an investment in one-of-a-kind jewelry that reflects the love you share.

Learn more about how to pick out the right engagement ring by calling Gem Classics.

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